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Sliding Sash Windows in Suffolk & Essex

Enjoy the benefits of having the appearance of a traditional sliding sash window while having the benefits of modern window technology. Our sliding sash windows are ideal for Suffolk, Essex, or nearby homeowners who would like to add a charming touch to their property.

Key Features

Thermal Efficiency

Our sliding sash windows provide excellent thermal efficiency in your home. Sliding sash windows are A+ rated as a standard, so you can rely less on your central heating system to keep your home warm. Sliding sash windows also allow for excellent air circulation. You can expect your home to be cosy in the winter but also airy and cool in the summer!

Contrary to popular belief, our sliding sash windows are safe and secure. Our sliding sash windows come with safety features including an anti-jemmy bar, toughened glass, and restrictors for added security and peace of mind. For added safety, there is also the option to add a fire egress window design to your sliding sash window to act as an emergency exit.

Our sliding sash windows are available in various colours: Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Rosewood, Black Brown, Cream, Golden Oak, Irish Oak, Agate Grey, Crystal White, Cream, Golden Oak, and Irish Oak. We are also able to colour-match your sliding sash window to any RAL colour so that you can find a window that will match the rest of your living space.

A great perk of our sliding sash windows is the minimal maintenance they require, making them ideal for busy homeowners in Suffolk, Essex, and the surrounding area. If you want your sliding sash windows to look as good as new, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth occasionally for the best performance. Plus, with the handy tilting and sliding functions, cleaning these sliding sash windows couldn’t be easier!

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Security & Safety

Our sliding sash window is incredibly safe and secure due to the high-performance locking systems, anti-jemmy bar, toughened glass, and restrictors. Additionally, we also offer an optional “Fire Egress” design which allows your sliding sash window to double as an emergency escape.

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Why Choose A Sliding Sash Window?

Sliding sash windows are a popular choice throughout Suffolk, Essex, and the surrounding area due to their ease of use and aesthetic appeal. As they typically slide around vertically, sliding sash windows can be opened and closed easily, making for a convenient window. Additionally, their glass panels not only allow for natural light to flood into a room, but they also offer wide, unobstructed views.

As they do not open outwards, sliding sash windows are ideal for those with smaller homes, low ceilings, or limited space outside for a hinged window to swing open.


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Lesley Scarfe

From start to finish, everyone at Blue Light was friendly, helpful, and efficient. I had a new front door fitted and I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the professional fitting service offered by Blue Light. I would definitely recommend them.




Customer service was excellent throughout the whole process and we were kept well informed by Carlo. The glass fitters Darren and Darren were confident and were able to answer any questions we had.




Highly recommend! We’ve struggled finding good tradespeople in the past but we are so happy we used Blue Light for our windows and cladding. Really friendly team and a quality service. We wish we could use them for everything! Thanks team



Kim Webster-Marsh

Blue Light Windows have been fantastic from start to finish. The guys that installed our window were, efficient, tidy, and polite. Will be using this company again.



What is a sliding sash window?

A sliding sash window consists of two framed window sashes with one sitting in front of the other. These window units sit in frames with vertical grooves that allow them to move up and down. Sliding sash windows do not have hinges and do not swing outwards. The sliding feature is practical to use when opening the window in a confined space. Because of this, sliding sash windows are particularly useful for properties that have limited space outside the window.

How do sliding sash windows work?

The two sliding sashes that form the sliding sash window are able to slide up and down by using a pulley and weight mechanism and vertical grooves. This mechanism is located inside the window frame. When a sash opens, the weight counterbalances with a weight located inside the window frame.

What is the sash of a window?

The sash of the window is the part that holds the frame of the glass in the window. In sliding sash windows, the sash is the part of the window that moves up and down. In other windows that are not sliding sash windows, the sash is still the part that holds the frame of the glass in the window.

How much are your sliding sash windows?

It is difficult to name an exact price for your sliding sash window. To provide you with an accurate quote for your sliding sash window, we will need information such as the size, the style, your approximate location in Suffolk, Essex, or the surrounding area, and any additional information. For a quote, contact us on 01473 944914 or use our online quoting system for more details.


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