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Ventilate your Suffolk, Essex, or nearby property with our patio doors. With high-performance components to ensure smooth operation and performance, our patio doors offer unparalleled views of the outdoors and a low-threshold option for easier access.

Key Features


Our patio doors run on stainless steel tracks and use high-performance running gear to ensure that the doors glide smoothly when being used. All the gaskets have low friction coating for smooth performance, and flush jambs prevent snagging.

Our patio doors offer high levels of security and are accredited with PAS24 as standard. High-security locks bind the sashes on the doors together to stop unwanted intruders. For extra peace of mind, Secured by Design patio doors are also available for your home.

We offer various customisation options for our patio doors. Our doors are available in stepped and contemporary styles so you are able to pick the style that best suits the rest of your home. If you would like any further information on our customisation options, please contact a member of our team today!

Our patio doors come with multi-chambered thermal breaks. These chambers are hidden away in our patio doors and work to better insulate your door. The result is a smooth-operating patio door with leading thermal performance.


Make It Yours

Our patio door comes with various customisation options so that you can truly make it yours. We offer super slim sightlines of 106mm and an 80mm interlock as standard or a 52mm ultra-slim option. Our patio door is also available in dual and triple track so that it can best meet your needs.


Why Get A Sliding Patio Door?

Sliding patio doors offer several benefits. Their large panes of glass not only provide unobstructed views and abundant light for your Suffolk or Essex home, but they also offer great ventilation when they are open. Additionally, our sliding patio doors are ideal for homeowners who are looking to save space. As the doors slide open, they take up little to no extra room when they are open than when they are closed.


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Our Testimonials


Lesley Scarfe

From start to finish, everyone at Blue Light was friendly, helpful, and efficient. I had a new front door fitted and I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the professional fitting service offered by Blue Light. I would definitely recommend them.




Customer service was excellent throughout the whole process and we were kept well informed by Carlo. The glass fitters Darren and Darren were confident and were able to answer any questions we had.




Highly recommend! We’ve struggled finding good tradespeople in the past but we are so happy we used Blue Light for our windows and cladding. Really friendly team and a quality service. We wish we could use them for everything! Thanks team



Kim Webster-Marsh

Blue Light Windows have been fantastic from start to finish. The guys that installed our window were, efficient, tidy, and polite. Will be using this company again.



What are patio doors?

Also known as sliding glass doors, patio doors are a way to open up your home and let in natural light and fresh air. They are a way to bring the outdoors indoors without the price of a conservatory or an extension.

Why are patio doors so popular?

Patio doors are popular throughout the UK due to their ability to bring the outdoors inside your home and allow for more interior space. Patio doors are a more cost-effective solution compared to conservatories and extensions, which forms part of their appeal.

Is a low threshold available for patio doors?

Generally, there is no low threshold option available with patio doors. However, here at Blue Light, we offer a concealed zero threshold option for our patio doors for a more seamless transition.

What is the difference between patio doors and French doors?

The primary difference between patio doors and French doors is how they open. Patio doors open by sliding along a track to one side instead of swinging inwards or outwards. On the other hand, French doors are typically installed as a pair. They feature a central frame with glass panels and open inwards or outwards. 

Patio doors may be an ideal option for those who are hoping to achieve a simple, clean, or contemporary space. The sliding feature of patio doors also makes them ideal if you have limited space. With French doors or other hinged doors, you may find that there is little room for you to plan and decorate the area as the swinging of the doors takes up a substantial amount of your available space. However, with sliding patio doors, this is something you won’t have to worry about as the door takes up no extra space when opening and closing.

How much are patio doors?

It is challenging to say the exact pricing of your patio door. There are a lot of variables that affect the price of patio doors. To give you a quote, we will need information such as the size, the style, your approximate location in Suffolk, Essex, or the surrounding area, and any additional information. For a quote, contact us on 01473 944914 or use our online quoting system for more details.


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